Home from Lapland!

What a beautiful country we live in!

This weekend small axe had gigs in Rovaniemi and Oulu. It was such a great feeling to head up to Rovaniemi on Saturday, even though I was the driver. 🙂
The nature in Finland is so beautiful and it would have been so great to stay a little bit longer up in the north.

Small axe at Ravintola Valdemari in Rovaniemi. Photo by VeePee Salmi

Next weekend it’s time for Tärjärock, and I will drop by and play a few of my own songs with Martin Stores houseband. Saturday the 20th is the date, and the gig is at Restaurant Marinas. Several other artists will perform as well. Drop in, have a beer, and enjoy local music! I’ll be selling my cd’s there, so if you’re interested grab a hold of me after the gig.


Small axe

Hi there!

Yesterday I had the honor to sing on a bachelorette party for a beautiful bride to be. I summoned up all my courage and took my guitar with me, life’s to short to not try new things! 🙂
A big congratulation to the bride and groom with hopes of a lovely wedding and life together as man and wife.

The coming weekend is reserved for some Reggae!
My beloved Small axe will do a little tour to the north of Finland with shows in Rovaniemi and Oulu. We’re at Ravintola Valdemari on Saturday, and on Sunday you can find us at 45 Special in Oulu. Skanka!
Come on and party with us!
I will be performing at Terjärv on Saturday 20.7 with a short repertoire, and with Niko Riippa flying circus in Jakobstad/Pietarsaari on the 27.7, but more of that later.
Hope to see you at the gigs!

Last day of June!

I hope you all have had a brilliant summer so far!

The weekend has been beautiful, first a real celebration with Small axe at Mustakari in memories! Thank you all who were there enjoying the evening with us. It was extra fun having URIAH HEEP in the back digging our music!Talk about a “once in a lifetime” experience! Yesterday I got to attend a beautiful wedding filled with music and love, did some singing there as well. Tomorrow it’s already July and that means new experiences and gigs. On wednesday you’ll find me and Julia at Sata Häme soi, com check us out if your there!


Hello to everyone who finds their way to this, my page!
I have now finally got myself to write the first post, and with this I promise to start an active life on the net. (I’ll sincerely try..) I hope you browse around, and check pics, info,gis, and please feel free to contact me or leave a comment.

Lot’s of love and with hopes of nice weather! 😛
, Jessica