Jessica Riippa is a performing artist and pedagog in the field of music and theatre. She released her debut solo album Calm my nerves 2013 and is the artistic leader of the progressive folk band La Riippa Group who released their album Dirty work 2018. She is also featuring in other constellations which you can read about on the page Bands and Ensembles 


This is theatrical music mixing smoky blues, playfull jazz, soul, folk, and most of all; Feelings. Strong, dramatic, true. By all means, this album is absolutely stunning.”
-Univocal Music

Jessica is a skilled vocalist with a versatile voice and she captures the listener with her interpretation and presence. She has during the years pursued to learn about all the various ways you can use the human voice and playfully mixes different styles and techniques both in her songwriting and performance. 

Jessica has performed also as an actor worked as a director and as a drama teacher. She has been teaching drama for almost 10 years. The love for theatre and the dramatical flair can also be found in her music. 



Kusinerna Riippa – Vedil (2018)

La Riippa Group – Dirty Work (2018)

Armadis Rama – Armadis Rama (2017)

Atomic blues band – Atomic blues (2015)

Robban – Broken hearted again (2015)

Robban – Another side of Robban (2012)

Alavetelin Kaupungin Orkesteri – Leijonaeno (2015)

Jessica Riippa – Calm my nerves (2013)

Killspree Manatee – Rockin outa money (2011)

Killspree Manatee – Killspree Manatee (2009)