I know my rock credibility has suffered, but when did I become a jazz singer?

So today I have had this thought on my mind. I don’t know how it really happened, but I seem to find myself being profiled as a jazz singer. People seem to automatically categorize me as a jazz lover.
First of all I do love jazz, but I also love rock, and I often tend to listen and sing both genres, among others.. Mostly I have performed in rock bands and singing blues and soul, and not a lot of jazz at all.

But why even put people in a specific box? I have found myself experimenting and crisscrossing between different genres and not putting a label on myself. I love being able to do what ever I want and singing what my heart pleases. This is a freedom I treasure and which I want to be a base of my artistry. So yes I am a jazz singer, but I’m also a rock singer and a soul singer. I am a singer and I try to do whatever I feel compelled to do. See I love music, all kind of music.

This Saturday I’ll be performing in Jakobstad/Pietarsaari with Niko Riippa flying circus. Won’t you come and experience music with us! 19:30 at Skolparken.

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