Looking back and looking forward

Tomorrow is the last day of 2017, so I thought I´d take this time to reflect on the year that has passed. Quite eventful both in my personal life and my career, although I´ve taken time to do less work, which is an achievement in itself.

The year started of with a huge change in my life, with the birth of my son. The same spring I got my bachelor of Culture and Arts. The autumn of 2017 was therefore the first autumn without studies since 2008. The last 9 years I´ve  been enjoying the opportunity to study the Arts and finding my way of expressing myself, first via my studies at Centria University of Applied Sciencesd for the Performing Arts, and also at the Central Ostrobothnian Conservatory where I studied music. I then continued my path to Novia University of Applied Sciences to study Music and pedagogy. At the same time I took some courses of Music therapy at the Open Univeristy Chydenia. 3 degrees in 9 years feels like quite enough, but they have been so fulfilling years artistically and for me to find my own direction. I sincerely want to thank all these establishments for the opportunity to take part of the studies provided.

What can I then look forward to in 2018, and what can I already let you in on? There are a few things I haven´t got in the bag so to say yet, so they are dreams that maybe will be fulfilled. I have started meditation for my own ( and surroundings) benefit, to really see joy and gratitude in life and I recommend we all take time for reflection and well “selfhelp”. Stress is so present in all our lives, we truly need tools to comprehend the important things in life and our importance. I have found meditation to be a path I want to continue to follow. I also am really trying to find time for work and the social media part it craves, but at the same time lessen my screen time and not be connected all the time. Balance, we all need balance. Some days this is easier than others.

Well work then — Something that I really am happy about is that the project Vild will continue and have a few performances, we will for example visit Vasa this spring. So we will be taking a day of promo shooting soon and I´ll let you in on that when the day arrives.

Also La Riippa Group has promo shooting to look forward to, next week to be exact, and that is due to our album which release date slowly nears. Hopefully you’ll soon hear us on the radio. The same is with the album that I am working on with my cousin, release date to  be announced shortly. But you can find us on facebook, where also all the other ensembles will get pages to easily follow our work and upcoming shows.

Let´s see how the summer will look, we´re booking with all ensembles at the moment and I’ll write all upcoming shows in the widget where you can easily find the info. There will be some reggae and folksy tunes aswell, besides my own artistic projects. Also the drama project at the museum continues with quite a few shows for the schools in Kokkola.

I am lucky to have gotten a scholarship to attend Drama Boreale in Gothenburg next August, and I´ll take my family with me. Drama Boreale is a nordic conference in drama/theatre education. Three years ago it was in Silkeborg Denmark, and I enjoyed my participation there a lot and hope for a tremendous conference once again.

As soon as I get more to announce, I´ll do so. I’ll end this post with another part from the performance Vild. There are a few mishaps with this performance, but I find it to be beautiful nevertheless, and we learn from our flaws. This is Krafte/Force, as I want to end this post with a promise of light and hope.

Happy 2018!


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