Steady Rise

When I was 6 I started playing soccer and my childhood and teens where filled with the passion of the game. I continued to play for many years and when I was in the women’s team we were quite successful, but not even near to where my “old team” is now! The women’s team in my tiny hometown are now in the women’s league in Finland and next week they will have their first game against HJK.

I was last autumn confronted by the idea of writing the team their own song. The person who also is in the music field just dropped the idea that I should do that, and actually this thought hit me hard, harder than I think the person ever would have guessed. Ideas started running through my head and it didn’t take me long to contact the team and propose a collaboration where I would make them a song for the historic year in front of them. They jumped on it, and now about a half year later the song has been born and released. It can be heard on the radio via the following link

It will also eventually be released on other channels, but for now the team has been given the gift and they may use the song in whatever way they please to promote and celebrate this year. I had a blast and am proud to have been able to do this project and you have my support! HEJA IK MYRAN!

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