Christmas time and upcoming shows.

Christmas is just around the corner and there are a few shows on their way!

Next Monday me and the beautiful Rachele Greco will perform at Schauman hall in Jakobstad. It will be a warm and cosy evening filled with jazz, but as well strong music from strong ladies who simply have influenced me strongly. I respect these singers sincerely and take their songs into my repertoire with humility. The women I am talking about are: Björk, Janis Joplin, Monica Zetterlund, Aretha Franklin, Etta James.. As you se quite a wonderful list of greatness. I hope I can make their music justice.
This show is next monday 16.12.2013 at 19:00. You are more then welcome to our a bit different christmas show: What ever happened to class?

Next Saturday me and my cousin Niko will also perform in our home town of Nedervetil with our view of a christmas concert. “Midvinter” 21.12.2013 at Gillestugan. It will be interesting and it is always a pleasure to perform with Niko.

Christmas really is close now, and I do welcome the holidays. These last months have been very busy and a break will do me good. It has been a learning experience to work as a substitute teacher, and next week I am two days substituting my old singing teacher. Hope I can help the students in some way!

Welcome Christmas time!

Review of the album


Hi there!

My album was already in september rewieved by the online jazz magazine in Finland, Jazzrytmit.

A bit of the rewiev:

“Tämä levy on hieno monitahokas, seikkailu musiikin ja draaman maailmaan. Levy yllätti joka suhteessa positivisesti.”

“This album is a fine multilayered, adventure into the world of music and drama. The album surprised positively in every way.”

Jou can read the whole rewiev in Finnish here:

Review of Jessica Riippa, Calm my nerves – Jazzrytmit