Christmas is here, well almost. :)

I Love Christmas, and Christmas is a time for sharing and being with the people you love. Why not come to this Charity Concert in Kokkola, to experience a nice warm atmosphere and great local artists. Money from the ticket sale will go for the families who are struggling financially at these grim economical times.
I hope you all show up and help raise a great deal of money.


Next friday is our independence day in Finland. The awesome Reggae band “Small Axe” will perform at Corners club in Kokkola the same Friday. A great opportunity to have a blast and skanka all night long! :)Won’t you come and dance with us, celebrate with us and be happy with us?

If you are wondering what to buy for christmas, I´m happy to recommend you visit univocal music’s webshop, and pick something from their beautiful selection. Why not my cd “Calm my nerves”? 🙂

In Finland we celebrate today “little Christmas”. We had cinnamon porridge for lunch, and tonight I’ll make some lovely munching with smoked salmon, bluee cheese and ginger bread, and som lovely mulled wine.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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