Christmas time and upcoming shows.

Christmas is just around the corner and there are a few shows on their way!

Next Monday me and the beautiful Rachele Greco will perform at Schauman hall in Jakobstad. It will be a warm and cosy evening filled with jazz, but as well strong music from strong ladies who simply have influenced me strongly. I respect these singers sincerely and take their songs into my repertoire with humility. The women I am talking about are: Björk, Janis Joplin, Monica Zetterlund, Aretha Franklin, Etta James.. As you se quite a wonderful list of greatness. I hope I can make their music justice.
This show is next monday 16.12.2013 at 19:00. You are more then welcome to our a bit different christmas show: What ever happened to class?

Next Saturday me and my cousin Niko will also perform in our home town of Nedervetil with our view of a christmas concert. “Midvinter” 21.12.2013 at Gillestugan. It will be interesting and it is always a pleasure to perform with Niko.

Christmas really is close now, and I do welcome the holidays. These last months have been very busy and a break will do me good. It has been a learning experience to work as a substitute teacher, and next week I am two days substituting my old singing teacher. Hope I can help the students in some way!

Welcome Christmas time!

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