Artist + mother = <3

I have not posted anything here in a long time because I have been focusing on my “new” role as a mother. My baby boy is now 9 months and I now feel I should get this page updated and write a post on what has been happening and what I am working on at the moment, and also write my thoughts on being an artist and how that goes together with being a mother.

I did my last singing gig about a month before my son was born, and did studio work even later, and 2 weeks before the birth I danced in a music video! 😀


I love being a mother and I am fortunate to have a husband who can fix his work so that even I could start doing a bit work and some artsy stuff quite early. My boy was 2 months old when I wrote my bachelour thesis and during spring I finished my education at Novia University of applied sciences, so I’m now also a music pedagog.

I started doing gigs with Niko Riippa, Armadis Rama and Soulhouse in july and did some dramatized guidning at K.H.Renlund  in Kokkola this fall, and which will continue next spring. The script is written by Paulina Holmqvist and my co-actor is Viktoria Viiand. I also continued my work as a drama teacher and can be contacted if workshops are needed.


I can announce that my cousin Niko Riippa and I am recording an album together. We have done new arrangements on songs with lyrics by  Alexander Slotte and also composed new music to his poems. We have also recorded other traditional songs and some new original music. If we get enough orders we know we can publish a “real cd” and not only a digital version. You can already contact me with your order if your interested.

Also La Riippa group will come out with new material and our debut album will be published in 2018.

A lot more is on the horizon and I promise to keep you updated with a blogg entry here once a week. See, I wrote it so now I must live up to my promise!

Love and kindness <3


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