On tour

I’m sitting in the retroest hotel I’ve been to in a long time. We’re in Kajaani doing some gigs and tomorrow we’ll be heading to Kuopio and on Friday in Turenki, which is in the south of Finland. We’re going in two weeks time again on tour with this project, and then we’ll be in Pori. Any good places to visit while there?
Here’s a picture of the lovely curtains in my room, the bedspread is in the same pattern. No wonder I haven’t got any sleep.


Next week I’ll be going with the choir Viljava to Vasa choir festival. We’ll be performing at Strampen and Ritz, just to name a few. So if you’re in Vasa, why not visit our gigs.

Oh my.. I’m hearing “humppa music” from upstairs. The elderly hotel guests are undoubtly startin a riot!
-“run away!”

Peace and love!